Owned and run by longtime cyclists.........Toby & Stella

"we have travelled the world on two wheel




Tel: 01422 751924 or 07912627483 email: info@thebicycleden.co.uk

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Personal service and a test ride

We are a small and independant bike shop in the Heart of Hebden Bridge.


We pride ourselves on individual service aimed at understanding your needs and trying our level best to meet your expectations.


We have personally chosen our brands to be able to deliver a wide range of quality electric bikes, and we are VERY particular about the companies that we stock.


We are able to offer a second to none test ride, where you are gently accompanied by Toby.


She will be able to explain and demonstrate as we cycle along how the electric bikes work, and how to get the best out of them.


We will cover a variety of local terrains from level to very steep to off road if required.


Please allow 45 mins for this service.



There are so many advantages to riding an electric bike.


You can travel further distances without the worry of running out of energy.  


You can go for a long ride after work and still have enough energy to do all the other things we have to do.


You can tackle all the technical trails without the need to be an athelete.


You can tackle hills without feeling dread, and if the other one is fitter or faster than you, no worries at all just ramp up the power, and catch up...


You can get fit or recouperate effectively without straining


We don't sell huge volumes of electric bikes, thats not our aim.


We want to sell bikes that you will use, that fit you and that will work for you for years to come.


If we feel that we do not have a bike to suit your needs then we will tell you and try to point you in the right direction.


We are open in the summer months for a long weekend.



Friday          10 - 4pm

Saturday      10 - 6pm

Sunday       10- 6pm

Monday       10 - 4pm